Workshop by Katja Cheraneva and Frances Chiaverini (Ex-Forsythe Company)



Workshop for contemporary dance by Katja Cheraneva and Frances Chiaverini (Ex-Forsythe Company).

Interpretation vs. Translation, Reaction vs. Action Upon, Researching Possibilities vs. Solving Artistic Conundrums; this workshop seeks to question the differences those juxtapositions propose through movement exercises and performances.

Drawing from methods employed during their 3 years of work together, primarily using improvisation and discussion as their main tools, the workshop intends to address explorative physical research through enacted compositional practises involving concepts based on observation, sensation, questioning, discussion, getting sweaty, spontaneous interpretation, re-interpretation, re-re-interpretation, re-re-re-interpretation,...
How can we stay open to physical possibility while attempting to fulfill intellectual objectives? Together, we would like to remain flexible, to allow plasticity and spontaneity, bouncing back from the needs and engagement of the participants.

Frances Chiaverini and Katja Cheraneva have began their collaboration while still working in The Forsythe Company and began their long lasting series of performances and events under the title Exercising Fear, or Scary Piece, a project that explores thematics of social, political and personal horrors in our contemporary society. In addition to this project, they have collaborated on a number of spontaneous performances working with musicians, artists and non-professional dancers, as well as organising and curating the pop-up residency series Best of Horror Loves, that was hosted by the gallery in Dresden STORE Contemporary. In their work they are interested in investigating the nature of collaboration, stressing the ideas about what is considered work in our society and challenging the notion of performance by putting themselves in unusual working conditions and unconventional urban spaces.

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