Duration: 50 minutes

Choreographer: Kalina Georgieva

Dancers: Dorina Puncheva, Eleonora Miteva, Anita Bakalova

Music: Dobromir Kisyov 
Dramaturge: Yasen Vasilev
Costumes: Gergana Dimova and Mariya Popova – | LENÉCRA |

Video: Viviyan Parvanova
Photographers: Roslana Damyanova, Ivan-Alexander Ivanov 

Kalina Georgieva questions the role of desire and shame in the female body through a choreography drawing inspiration from classical visual representations of infernal creatures in the work of Hieronymus Bosch and Gustav Dore. 

The piece wants to confront misogynistic, patriarchal, religious cliches depicting women as either in the spectrum from saints to sinners. Three women embody creatures and monsters whose channel could be, in turn, the Fates and the Harpies. They are possessed and moved by repressed forces, slowly transforming them into monsters, claiming their own sexuality and space while defying the gaze that observes/objectifies them. How does the conflict between desire and shame manifest in the body? Driven by this question, Kalina Georgieva opposes both the repression and the exploitation of female sexuality in her first choreographic work. Three women unravel and remodel the power exerted over their bodies, assert their position and respond to the gaze of the audience. 

The project was implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and the National Culture Fund for 2022.

Masaru Emoto