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ATOM THEATRE is a dynamic Bulgaria-based contemporary dance company. Established in 2011, the group has actively participated and showcased their works on diverse platforms across countries such as Bulgaria, South Korea, Austria, Germany, Macedonia, Greece, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Romania, France, Serbia, Croatia, and Spain. Demonstrating their commitment to fostering young choreographers, ATOM founded the ATOM Choreographic Series, an international platform for emerging talents, in 2017. 


Our vision is to place Bulgaria on the world map of contemporary dance.


Our mission is to deliberately create favourable conditions for young contemporary dancers to grow, develop professionally and discover their creative identity. Our aspirations are broadening the contemporary dance art in Bulgaria, creating an inclusive environment and introducing more dance artists to contemporary dance as means of expression.

Photo credits: Ivan-Alexander Kyutev

Stefaniya is a Bulgarian choreographer and performer; founder and an artistic director of ATOM Theatre company and ATOM Choreographic Series platform. Stefaniya graduated with a BA in Puppetry from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria, later on she graduated with a master’s degree in Contemporary Dance Techniques from the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Currently, she is a house choreographer at the State Theatre in Shumen, Bulgaria and works as a movement director in a variety of theatrical productions. Stefaniya’s professional choreographic debut was in 2013. Since then, she has created various artworks presented in Bulgaria, across Europe and South Korea. Stefaniya has delivered ‘Collective body’ dance workshops in Bulgaria, the UK, Germany, and Greece.

Now, Stefaniya is developing her movement concept  ATOMO (átomos/ ἄτομον translated from Greek “individual”) a  concept that explores the natural essence of the individual body and is based on intuition and unconscious knowledge as a creating force of the movement that is later refined and choreographed.

Kalina is a professional Bulgarian dancer. Since 2014, Kalina has been essential part of ATOM theatre company. Currently she is a leading dancer, assistant choreographer, and a collaborator. She graduated in Ballet from the National School of Dance Art in Sofia in 2016. Since then she has participated in various international dance and theatre projects.

Dorina is a professional Bulgarian dancer with more than twenty years of experience in the dance scene. Since 2018 she is an official ATOM Theatre dancer and collaborator. Dori participates in ATOM performances such as: “Kukeri” , “Cold”, “Crave” , “I Want”, “Loop”, etc. Her passion to dance has been since Dori was 4-years old when she started her first dance classes in modern dance. Later, she graduated with a BA in Dance-Theatre from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts with Dance Theatre.

Photo credits: Ivan-Alexander Kyutev



Delyana is a freelance project manager with an enlarging focus of work in the sphere of visual arts. Delyana is a co-founder of Visionary Foundation – a Sofia based platform for urban art, and as its leading project creator she cooperates with artists in different fields of visual arts like street and mural art, performance and contemporary dance, digital art and film making, etc. 

Since 2019, Delyana has been a collaborator in ATOM and a project manager of ATOM Choreographic Series platform.

Photo credits: ©Mihaela Draganova





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