Artists: Project UNIT 828384 /South Korea/& ATOM Theatre /Bulgaria/SEPTEMBER 23rd & 24th
9:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

The Small Basilica

The project is part of the Open Arts Program of NIGHT/Plovdiv, 2016.

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“Silence” (Solo, 13 min) – Choreograph: Jo Hyun Sang
“Kafka on the road” (Solo, 12 min) – Choreograph: Kil Seo Young
“Drifting Island” (Solo, 13 min) – Choreograph: Lee Jung In
“In the box(ing)” (Solo, 8 min) – Choreograph: Lee Seung Ju
“Impossibility in its purest form” ( 13 min) – Choreograph: Stefaniya Georgieva

Supported by The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (SFAC).

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