Choreographer: Stefaniya Georgieva

Photographers: Ivan-Alexander Kjutev 

Video: W / Director: Monika Ivanova

Music: Hristo Takov

Collaborators/Dance: Alissa Atanassova, Stefania Stoyanova, Nedelya Gancheva, Bilyana Georgieva, Anna Kabakova, Nasko Nikolchov, Kalina Georgieva, Petya Peeva, Stefaniya Georgieva, Ina Gerginova, Ina Rosenova, Deyan Georgiev 

P I E CE S “Tension filling up the silence. You keep quiet to blame. You keep quiet to crave more. You are unsatisfied to claim more. It’s your way to manipulate through the blame. It’s a calm cold war, where you’re sat tucked away in the corner of the room, alone. Right where you learn how to constantly, harmfully dissect the emotions rushing through.” – The profile of the “aggressor”.  

The idea behind “PIECES” is to study the dependency of the woman subject of domestic violence, on the “aggressor”. This topic concerns burning issues of the Bulgarian reality in the female-male relationship. The woman we see represented on film, in the media, in commercials and so on, is majorly the rebellious, emancipated, successful, even perfect goddess! Statistics though show differently – every fourth woman in Bulgaria is a subject of violence. But the truth is that happens not only in Bulgaria it is a world wide issue. This is what motivates me as a choreographer to get below the surface and research the structures and processes of the female psychic in times of violence, along with its effects on the personality of the woman. The project is both Video work and Dance work. 

The project is supported by Sofia History Museum (former Central Public Bath)

Masaru Emoto