Noa Shiloh

Noa Shiloh-Yehiel is an Israeli dancer, choreographer, and teacher. She is the artistic director of the Carmela Dance Group and a co-founder of the Menashe Dance House. Her works have been presented in numerous festivals and theaters: Suzanne Dellal Centre; Beit Mazia, Jerusalem; National Academy of Santa Cecilia; The Israel Museum; Haifa Museum of Art; Tmuna Theatre; IntimaDance Festival; and others. 

As a dancer, Noa has performed with numerous choreographers including Noa Dar, Irad Mazliah, Sahar Azimi, Efrat Rubin, Idan Cohen, Michael Miller, Uri Ivgi, Michal Mualem, Jean Alberto De Philips, Dana Ruttenberg, Gil Kerer, Shani Tamari, and more. She has been rehearsal director and assistant to Sharon Vazanna, Idan Cohen, and Noa Dar. With support from the Schusterman Foundation, staged her creations as well as Idan Cohen’s creations at academic institutions in the United States.

Noa was the recipient of the 2015 Solo Performance Dancer from EMI – The Israeli artists union and the 2017 Gertrude Kraus Prize. She has been supported by the Foundation for Independent Creators, the Ministry of Culture and Sport, and the Lottery Council for Arts and Culture. She is a graduate of the Workshop for Professional Dancers in Haifa and she holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Education and Dance from the Rubin Academy in Jerusalem, Israel.