CHOI WON SUK and SANG MAN PYO – south korea

Choi, won suk is freelancer dancer and choreographer based in Korea.

After graduation of his dance study in University in 2005, he joint military service in Korea for 2 years. Since 2010, he started to make his own choreography and try to reach his creation in global field. In 2012, he made movement group which called ‘Momeuro’, and actively join many festivals and performance in Korea and China. He made new creation with choreographer Pyo, sang man and this performance <The great man> won the grand – prix in Seoul International Choreography Festival in 2016. In present he is finding new experience to present different form of movement way.


Sangman Pyo has made his debut through his solo piece <?…BC> in 2013. He has been actively working as a choreographer. Pyo established ‘JJbro’​ with his partner ‘Heungryeol Jun’ ​in 2014. JJbro has received critical acclaim from various events including PAMS choice and Japan Society NY. His recent private work <The great Man> has won Grand Pix at Seoul Choreography Festival 2016 and invited from Spain ACT festival 2016. His work features indigenous emotions of Korea with full of satire and humor.

Masaru Emoto