After graduating with a BA in  Dance from Columbia University in New York, Karakashyan began working actively as a choreographer and director. His experience includes both stage and screen dance projects in the fields of contemporary dance, ballroom dancing, and music videos. Kosta’s projects investigate how to nurture empathy in our society through dance, film, and education. He has worked as a dancer and choreographer in Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Norway, Vietnam, Japan, and the USA. Over the years, he has carried out projects such as WAITING FOR COLOR – a documentary dance film about violence against the LGBT community in Chechnya and “Don’t Tell Mama” – a stage and film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Nikolay Yordanov, Sofia, Bulgaria. As a teacher, he has taken part in  Moving Body Festival and Dance PORT Derida leading workshops on creating dance films; CampOUT as the Dance mentor in an arts workshop for LGBT youth, and the HLAB summer school in Obuse and Tokyo, Japan.

Photo credits by Boris Urumov

Masaru Emoto