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ATOM Choreographic Series is a meeting point of young dancers and choreographers who collaborate, experiment, exchange and realize ideas during a 10-day intensive training from August 31st until September the 9th. At the end of the programme on September 10th, a mutual showcase will be presented in Sofia at Derida Stage.
You could join the Series for 1, 3 or 5 dance classes! For full programme ➠ early bird tickets and students discount are available.
How to participate?
Do you have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us:
📞 +359895035756 and +359(0)883373762 📩 register@atomtheatre.info

Masaru Emoto

This year a focus of Choreographic Series #3 is put on AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT in the sphere of contemporary dance. Parallel to the dance classes, practices by our guest mentors will be held with the participants. This way specific methods for audience engagement could be applied in a more interactive way.
In addition, a new module will be included in the Series – SPEED MEETINGS. The idea is to have an open event that all could apply for and provide an opportunity to another representative of the dance stage in Bulgaria to enlarge their network by meeting face to face with professionals from other parts of the world travel to Sofia to be part of ACS#3. Save the date September 11th – will give a hint soon of how to apply for the speed dating.
Full course dance traning: 31.08. – 9.09.2019
Open dance classes: 31.08. – 1.09.
Showcase presentation: 10.09.2019
Speed meetings: 11.09.2019
1 dance class = 15 EUR
3 dance classes = 30 EUR
5 dance classes = 45 EUR
Students = 75 EUR
Early Bird = 100 EUR (until July 31st)
Regular = 150 EUR
A special pass for dancers who have already participated in the entire training of Series #1 or #2 = $ 75
In the desire to gather dance professionals from different parts of the world, we invited in the third edition dancers, choreographers, and producers from
★ Israel
★ United Kingdom
★ Bulgaria.
Partnering organizations of the project in 2019 are:
Moving Body (Bulgaria)
BRIDGET FISKE (Manchester Dance Consortium) As an artist Bridget strives to respond to underlying conditions of how we perceive, experience & cohabitate in the world: engaging with what is challenging & what is wonderful. 18 years in contemporary dance & interdisciplinary collaboration, in Australia, the UK, Europe and internationally, has reflected this philosophy and has defined responsiveness, embodied considerations, shared experience, discourse and rigor as central to her practice. 
SARAH HOLCMAN (Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance) is a dancer, arts manager, and independent curator and producer working primarily in contemporary dance and performance. She is currently the Director of Programs and International Relations at the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance in Tel Aviv and Advisor for Partnerships and Exchanges at Kelim Choreography Center.
Joseph Lau (Manchester Dance Consortium) is an independent artist in dance and theatre working as a performer, choreographer, and facilitator. Joseph’s choreographic work centers around three areas of investigation, these being: memory, design of the expressive body & of space and the political.
Shira Eviatar (Israel) is an independent artist in contemporary dance and choreographer based in Tel Aviv. In her practices she invites dancers to immigrate to what is familiar and known for them, to observe with a kind gaze at what lays in their body and mind, at what is taken for granted or comes naturally.
Stefaniya Georgieva (BG) – a co-founder and an artistic director of ATOM theatre. In her work, she is inspired of the base concept of the puppetry – many people who breathe as one move as one, think as one and see through the eyes of a lifeless object (puppet) with a desire to bring it to life. That concept of the collective body, motion, and mind is the base of her explorations.
Herb Johnson III aka JDot Tight Eyez (USA) – American Krump dancer and choreographer, graduated from Perpich Center for the Performing Arts high school in 2010 and studied 3 years at the Lundstrum Center for Arts in Minnesota. Johnson now teaches at the University of Minnesota as an Urban & Street dance instructor. He currently choreographs and performs solo and in groups with 612 Crew, DeadPool, and Mixtape. Professional work includes iLuminate from America’s Got Talent, choreographing G-Easy’s half-time show 2018, and NFL’s SuperBowl 52 half-time show 2018 with Justin Timberlake.
Iskra Ivanova (BG) – co-founder and art director of Moving Body Festival in Varna, choreographer,  performer, dance adviser, mover, time – stealer, and mother. She has graduated CHOREOGRAPHY in the Varna Free University and since then perfected her technique attending various dance workshops led by figures like Diego Agullo, Doris Uhlich, Philippe Saire, David Zambrano, Leslie Baker, Christian Bakalov, Galina Borissova, and many others. 
The Project is part of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019 programme.
Thanks to Embassy of Israel in Bulgaria, Goethe-Institut Bulgarien, Dance Station Bulgaria, Derida Stage, Photo-Corpus for the support.
Media partners are: Licata na grada, Peika.bg, Uspelite.bg


ATOM CHOREOGRAPHIC SERIES is the ATOM THEATRE international exchange platform for professional dancers and choreographers found in 2017 in Bulgaria. The concept is to provide space for dancing and to explore the artistic processes in the dance creation. The aim is simply to encourage the free sharing of ideas. The mission of the project is to support the choreographers and dancers in the performance creation, its production and the sustainable development of dance community through cooperation and education.

ATOM CHOREOGRAPHIC SERIES takes place in the period of 14 days of intense work and unites choreographers from all over the world in Bulgaria.  The selection of the dancers is made by the ATOM THEATRE team based on their motivation, quality  of movement and experience; selection is by international open call for applications.

ATOM CHOREOGRAPHIC SERIES concludes with a showcase of the designed choreography pieces in front of an audience.

Choreographers and mentors joined the platform until now:
Stefaniya Georgieva, Marion Darova—Bulgaria
Lee Jung In, JuMi Baek,  Choi won suk&Pyo sang man, and ShinnaSouth Korea
Ilona Roth—Germany
Mamoru Sakata and Maiko Hasegawa (Tarinof Dance Company)—Japan
Iosif Astrukov, Petya Stoykova —Bulgaria

*ATOM Choreographic Series#2 was funded by Culture Program of Sofia Municipality , Art Council Korea, The Saison Foundation,  America for Bulgaria Foundation, Ministry of Culture Bulgaria, and it is in partnership with Seoul International Choreography Festival (SCF), Sofia University, Dance Station Sofia, Generator, Harmonica, HYPE Communication, BTV Radio, Kafene.bg, Peika.bg

*ATOM Choreographic Series#1 was funded by Ministry of Culture, Bulgaria, Goethe Institute Bulgaria, America for Bulgaria Foundation, Art Council Korea, and it was in partnership with Seoul International Choreography Festival (SCF), and HOUSE Creative Hub.


Stefaniya Georgieva, Artistic Director – 

+359(0)895035756; mail@atomtheatre.info

Deedee Angelova, Series#3  coordinator –   

+359(0)883373762; register@atomtheatre.info

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